The cybersecurity is on the order of the day

The cybersecurity is on the order of the day


Not long ago we heard from the news that on November 9, websites related to the Government of Catalonia received a massive attack from various parts of the world such as China or Russia. It may seem an issue that is not a concern for us, but actually affects us closer than we think, both professional -more likely- and personal. That is demonstrated with private photos of naked famous people distributed through the net like: Scarlet Johansson, Mila Kunis, Cristina Aguilera or Jennifer Lawrence. Referring to a TV series that exploits this possibility: Person of interest, “You’re being watched”.

But the main security problem today, where everything is connected to the net, it’s not on systems that can prevent such as: antivirus, firewalls, complicated passwords … The main problem of security is the person who may be the object of attack.

“Organizations spend millions of dollars on firewalls and security devices, but throw money because none of these measures covers the weakest link in the security chain: the people who use and manage computers” – Kevin Mitnick

If we have to work is inevitable to do it with a computer, smartphone, etc … connected to the network, but the first rule of safety is: if you want something to be safe, very safe, it must be on a hard drive or computer not connected to the network, and never before or since, receives nothing from the outside. However, there are hackers who manage to reach these computers -if they are important and with sensible material- and avoiding other security systems that monitor them, such as security cameras. Make a test with Google -also a tool for a ciberattack- see that it can control cameras from around the world that people forget that these are connected to the net.


  • You will see that you can control the camera with some commands that are shown: move it up and down, right or left, zoom…


This means that we can make the camera look to the other side when you want to enter inside a place.

“The only secure system is one that is off inside a concrete block protected in a sealed room surrounded by armed guards.” – Gene Spafford

Be aware that there’s always a way to sneak into your system, even with the most innocent way, like connecting a flash drive.  This video illustrates this very clearly:

The cyber security threats and their dangers

But security incidents not only occur when we have made a technology “mistake”. It can also be an innocent reason like leaving a trail of our information in the net. One of the most typical is to say that you go on holiday on Facebook and someone, who shouldn’t know it, now learns that your home has been left unattended. Exaggerated? Paranoia? We do not know or control the data that tells more about us than we know about ourselves on the net. This other video makes us think about this:

Watch what you share online.

So, we have to be aware if something is sensitive or private and we don’t want it to go beyond the environment we want it to be, we must be cautious and picky. Avoid that phrase “what could it happen?” And the next day your competitor has the information from your business that he uses it to destroy your company, or if someone posts –if this is a problem for your image- photos of you, nude, or they just delete the novel of your life that you only had a single copy. In the case of the companies, you can establish a security plan and contingency so that threats can be reduced, but not completely prevented, because in the end, as we said, the human factor is crucial.

Be cibercareful.

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