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Strip light portable for flash [DIY]

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In today’s article we will build a strip light for flash – or lamp or lantern or light-emitting thing with very few resources.

Initially the gadget was to be built with a can of a popular brand of chips, but it seems the flash head does not fit on the tape of that boat. Thanks anyway to Enrique, who donated his can. We will use it in another project.

So as a kind person donated their metal cans-from death, we could build it. Thanks Ascen.

As always, we started the project with materials and tools, and during it we will need others. Here’s initials.

  • A rather thin white cloth.
  • The metal can -asesino-.
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Permanent marker
  • Black tape
  • Metal scissors, or something like that.
  • Boat then do not use
  • Flash
  • Tape (the kit)
  • Cutter

The first thing is to mark where the pen will make the hole for the light to go out. Then we will cut that space. It will be something if your scissors are white metal mark oriental bazaar.

To prevent accidents like this (yes, my fingers are pixelated because they Copyright):

better protect the edges that have cut. Here we use a tape found in the medicine cabinet.

Then with the flash as a guide, mark and cut the tape with a utility knife and then wrap it with black tape.

Now the light does not leak.

Mounted on the flash does well.


Finally we cut and paste the fabric into the pot, it is best if a little tense.

This is the final result.

Then we can do things like this, but it can serve whatever you want to serve.

Cheer up, share with us your creations and keep on the BonapaShooting!

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