I have a surprise for you (AZ Challenge)

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I have a surprise for you (AZ Challenge)

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"Gift" por asenat29 (Con Licencia CC en Flickr)

“Gift” por asenat29 (Con Licencia Creative Commons en Flickr)

Well, maybe it is not a surprise in itself, because we said it was going to any, but you will love for sure. Surprise, surprise.

The AZ Challenge has been so well received that we decided to participate and thank your loyalty by making a change on the prize: now going to be two prizes!

Because we do like each other a lot, which was the only award becomes the second prize and have chosen the smartbox “I like you“. The winner may choose an experience of wellness, gastronomy and adventure for couples to enjoy 500 options statewide.

And as a bonus with first prize smart box “Charming retreat“. One night with breakfast for 2 people to choose between 370 cozy lodgings throughout the state. Both prizes are not exchangeable.

This really is incentive to finish the challenge, right? Remember that to qualify for the awards must have full alphabets and there is time until Monday August 5 to finish.

And after this great news, to continue the Bonapashooting!!

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