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Photografic trends

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Trends, tendencias, tendenze, tendances. No matter the language, are everywhere around us, invade us and there are all kinds. Scientific, technological, social, fashion, design, photography …

The list is endless, but let’s start by defining what is a trend.

Def Tendencia

The definition says that “trend” comes from “tender” and “tending”, see.

Def Tender Def Propender

With the concept already clear, let the heart of the matter. Let’s focus especially in photographic and fashion trends, that’s why this is a photography blog.

Does anyone else has noticed that every year over and over again the same types of photography, and call “trend” style that stands out or is it “new”? And yes, I say “new” – as quoted as Los Chunguitos (making trend!) – *nanai news because the Chinese. Styles over and over again, almost cyclically repeated. Because you’re all invented or made ​​in photography, and when you think you’ve made a genius, someone comes and says to you already did this one. Your joy in a well.


Now comes Paul Rand and comfort you

So what are the damn photo and fashion trends? But you have not even realized soul jar? Parents COLORS ARE  !! (At least largely).

Surely you typical phrase sounds: this winter is going to take brown. Well those are the trends. So sooo outlined, because it has much more background, but not enough.


Do not dawdle with the fly and continue reading

The image on the left are the trends of 2013 and right now for the 2014 will not enter into matters of fashion, just look at the color.


La trend in 2013 was mainly cold colors and muted, with some small glimmer of brighter colors, but very minimal. However in 2014 we see the trends that dominate the warm and bright colors.

Consider an infographic trend 2013.


Interestingly what stands out is the word VINTAGE. Yes, in 2013 we have grown tired of hearing and saying the words VINTAGE and RETRO. Because chic is saying those words instead of your bike is the year of mari chestnut or your grandfather. The “moth” has been fashionable, reels have used filters that no longer exist and some have even grown a beard. Where is modern and innovative here? Well, we did it with the different times of their original colors. And we have been so wide.

Now let’s see an infographic trends 2014.


We will continue using filters, taking pictures of food and animals. And -oh surprise!- leave aside what hipster and now everything revolves around the roll Gatsby.

Resaca - Mamen Moreu

And all for what? Who decides what colors are going to use and what type of clothing should we bring?


I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but…

Jokes –and aliens aside-, we may not go so misguided with the “conspiracy”. First things first.

The use of color there since homo erectus finger cracked and red painted on the wall of the cave, then use the coal-black fire, and siluetear despistados- for that spot. But let’s not focus on the prehistory of more than 1,500,000 years.


Look mom, a bison!

Let’s do a quick review of the history of humanity since he started to use color: homo erectus, homo sapiens, neolithic, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans… ROMANS! These were responsible for everything! They did a regulated use of color in clothing to distinguish between social classes. Most colors were difficult to prepare for the upper classes, such as purple, white, red or yellow. The middle class used blue and brown and green low.

In full splendor of the Roman Empire dominated the use of cheerful, bright and strong colors. The Germanic peoples were the ones who ended up with this rule, then introduced the practice of sewing clothes.


The Greeks didn’t know how to sew

With his fall came the arrival of the Middle Ages, which was brought under the wars, hardship and disease arm. Consequently, the use of color became sad and off. The streets were flooded with browns, grays and dark greens. The upper classes as suffering from these miseries wore red, green, dark blue or yellow mustard.

Around the fourteenth century, Spain was the first world power, royalty ruled what can be considered the beginning of fashion. They gave guidelines what to wear and what colors we had to use, and introduced the color in black garments. Share this fashion to the world painting had a very important role.


A painting by “El Greco”, ct.XIV Vogue

Let’s tie ends: according to social circumstances of the time what clothes and what colors to use will dictate.

If times are good times and cheerful colors used clothes. If times are bad, quite the opposite.

But there are exceptions. Let us jump in time to the mid-twentieth century and we travel to the United States.

Year 1938 After the brown roped in the crash of 29, things were not to throw rockets and being walked out of the “Great Depression.” Amid all the sadness was born a hero: the first Superman comic was published.


It only cost almost $ 2 million

Yeah, yeah, okay, a fictional hero. But it was what society needed. In a sad, gray world appeared the American hero with his bright colors (red and blue, what significant, eh?) And with their underwear on the outside. In a society I pureed art lit a ray of light.

During World War II, in cartoons, Superman spies and saboteurs German and Japanese, but also against common gangsters and mad scientists faced. In 1941 he made ​​his film debut with a short animated films made ​​by the creators of Popeye and Betty Boop. Gave birth to one of his famous quotes: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The first actor who brought to life the superhero was Kirk Alyn, who was also the first to take on Lex Luthor.

It took over George Reeves, struggling to implement “truth, justice and the American way of life.

Meanwhile, in the comics, Superman had no internal conflicts and it was all an example suitable for children. A super gang with some colleagues as Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman was mounted, among others. They called themselves the “Justice League America”.


Justice League America playing Cluedo

But it was not until 1978 that opens what is considered the first modern superhero film comic. A newcomer and unknown Christopher Reeve Superman humanized, making him hesitate between his desire for a normal life with Lois Lane and their responsibility to protect the planet it inhabits. He played Superman (1978) Superman II: The Adventure Continues (1980), Superman III (1983) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). The last two sequels did not work too well.

I could go on telling of Superman’s influence in society, but we will summarize some of what came later.

Superman revived the comic book industry, and consequently were authors and stories quality ousted him. What was cool was Watchmen or The Dark Knight returns, not the good-natured superhero and smelled of mothballs. So in 1992 DC Comics decided to kill him.


And on the third day he arose

Yes, the fans are so angry that DC Comics had to resuscitate him. Much anger, but got what they wanted: Superman back into fashion.

From 1993 to 1997 ABC aired the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Where finally, after 60 years, the couple married. In the comics there was also wedding.

Later appeared the series Smallville where Clark had adolescence. This was between 2001 and 2011, being the longest TV series inspired by a comic and aired in prime time.

In 2006 Superman returned to the big screen in conditions. Over the past nearly 20 years other attempts to film had not curdled. Starring Brandon Routh (little known then, as they did with Christopher Reeve) Superman Returns picks up the story from the end of Superman II.

And we got almost to the present. In 2013 The Man of Steel was released. Here everything changed.

The story is not as funny or romantic, it’s a full-blown existential melodrama. Drama and destruction, because lets city made eight while fighting with General Zod. I will not reveal the ending of the film, but those who have seen it will know the controversy that there was a Superman action.

What’s going on? Why this change? The popularity of the superhero has fluctuated throughout its existence as how society was in every age. That was reflected in the stories that featured costumes and looked.


All Superman together, but not mixed

Let’s look the color of the robes of the four major Superman.


  1. Christopher Reeve: his suit is the one with the most vivid and shining, more faithful to the comic book costume colors. A society with post-Cold War hangover back light needed hero.
  2. Dean Cain: after his fall from popularity, death and subsequent resurrection, the colors are darker but with an electric twist. Superman returned to like, married, 90 were the most and the world economy was booming.
  3. Brandon Routh: here the hero has been missing for 6 years. Return at a sensitive time when society still hurts 11-S is at war in Iraq. Their colors are more sober and off, the layer is rigid, neck costume covers her chest and S is much smaller.
  4. Henry Cavill: during the world economic (and values) crisis, these circumstances will also affect the hero. A dark suit, with little color, cuffs and kilometer metallic layer. Disappear red underwear and yellow belt. His personality has changed completely and fallen with society. You can beat ordinary or superpowered villains, but the great intangible villain Desolation the planet: the commercial villain.

Superman is just one example of how artists are revealed to the trends as social circumstances dictate, but ultimately has been defeated (for now).

We must keep hope, because it has now emerged a wave of artists contrary to established trends. Artists in their own way to light a candle say: eh look, it’s not so dark. Little by little are more and more, each with its ray of light, trying to illuminate everything to make us smile and return to dream beautiful things. Artists who risk, that make you dream, yes, but also make you wake up, you open your eyes and give you a kick in the ass to wise up. For this to go with gray everything has to end.

The British “Utopia” series is one of those examples. We invade the senses with colors, music and incredible levels, but at the same time you shake the brain into thinking you put.


No spoilers from chapter 1

Wes Anderson with his latest work “Grand Budapest Hotel“. Symmetry planes and surround colors.


The end of “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM). I prefer to say nothing, is better viewed.


The illustrations of Paula Bonet. Over here we also have great artists.


The Jamie Hewlett ones, co-creator of the characters of the band Gorillaz.


Or Jiri Geller sculptures:


These are a few examples of artists who will not be influenced by how the world situation is, they create and reveal themselves to the establishment.

And you, are you one of those who are driven by trends or go counter to your photographic work?

Think about it.




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