Stand-harness for chest-shoulder [DIY]

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Stand-harness for chest-shoulder [DIY]

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In BonapaShot we love creating hybrids and today we bring a fusion between breast support and shoulder harness. Look, no hands!

Its main function is to liberate the total weight of the camera neck. With this gadget we distribute between the shoulders and abdomen.
The remaining functions are according to your needs, because you want to have the camera always ready without tiring, because you want to pan, record a video without trepidation … Think, think, sure you need it for something.

These are the models that we have drawn to spice up our creature:

Soporte de pecho

Breast support

Arnés elástico

Elastic harness

The materials you’ll need are:

– A belt
– A purse with zipper and belt loop
(If you have no belt and wallet can use a fanny pack)
– Two captive
– Elastic suspenders
– A tripod (or monopod)
– A camera strap

And now let’s ride the hybrid, but before you start to clarify that the belt buckle will place aside our waist and not the center.

Step 1: elastic straps hooked to the “back” of the belt. This do it before you put the belt if you do not want to end up a cavatappi.


Step 2: purse passes one end of the belt and put it on.


Step 3: plays the tripod legs in the wallet (or money belt) and fíjalas with safety pins.




Step 4: Put the camera strap around his neck and ensures the camera on the tripod.

Step 5: passing the straps for your shoulders and engánchalos the camera strap, in the closest to the camera part.


Step 6: hands up!

Ready! You have your hybrid stand-harness for chest-shoulder ready to shoot.


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