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Telescopic snoot [DIY]

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Why make a normal snoot when you can have one telescope?

It’s no secret that we love making artefacts to complement our photographic equipment. Joy fills the office when we do.



The plug for the flash that serves to have manufactured an effect of film noir, although the head can put whatever comes to mind.

Let’s start with the materials to be used:

  • Rule
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black tape
  • 2 black straws
  • 80x45mm black cardstock
  • 1 carton A4 approx 1mm thick. (210x297mm)
  • Glue stick (pictured does not come out because at the time it was disappeared in combat).


This is the most dangerous part of the DIY. You have to cut a grid on a piece of black construction paper. We have made seven holes for light to pass through, but that the taste of the consumer. In vertical extremes there is a space of 5mm. 3mm between each horizontal bar.



Then reinforce the structure by hitting one of two pieces of black straws. We stuck with glue stick and secured with black tape.


The boxes that we use as a snoot have the following measures:

  • Small box that goes in the flash head: 10cm height. 75mm width and 45mm large side width of the small side.
  • Big box that will fit with the small: 11cm tall. 80mm width and 50mm big small side.

On reassembly is recommended reinforced with black tape the corners and perimeter. In the big box straw will chip 1cm ​​of the mouth, so that the small box does not collide with the grid. They will be like this.


The rack mounted on the large box on the straws with dual function.


It will be like this.


And in the flash as well. With the other straw between the two boxes if space remains, for it will go away and you can adjust to your liking.


A couple of examples of the results that can be obtained.



Cheer up do yours! We are happy to see them.


And keep on BonapaShooting!


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