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Snoot with grid [DIY]

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We’re back from vacation and bring a Do It Yourself souvenir. This time we explain how to make a snoot with grid, but before you start going to explain what’s what.

The snoot: the “cylinder” of foam that we will put on the flash head. It is generally used to illuminate a small portion of the scene, preventing the rest of the scene light arrives.

The grid: a “grid” that stands in front of the flash head to limit and control the output of light, the effect is very similar to the snoot.

The thing is that the snoot and grid separately do very similar things, but we are very cool and have assembled a who have called hybrid snootgrid.

Nuestro snootgrid no será pro como este, pero es portátil.

Our snootgrid will not be like this one so pro, but is portable.

These are the materials you’ll need:


Start by cutting a rectangle of foam about 26 to 27 cm long and 8 cm high. Not back the table in the process.

Cortando el foam

After about 15 straws together (depending on the size of your flash), the align well and stick with zeal surrounding them. It is advisable to start doing it by the base of the straws, and the easiest way is to put the heat, leave a space and reattached with zeal. In that space the cut straws, which have about 2.5 cm long was made​​. If you do not hit twice (so to speak), the straws are flying passing the cutter. The first time it’s funny, the fifth longer, but let’s try to venture.

Cortando las pajitas

When you have about 8 blocks drinking straws facts put them on top of each other and stick together. Then paste the foam around the grid and “close it” with zeal.

Montando todo

Reinforced with black tape on the inside and out.

Vista de dentro Vista de fuera

And that is placed our snootgrid on the flash head!

Puesto en el flash

I look like a duck, but no.

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