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Photographic exhibitions

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It’s time of festivals and exhibitions in abundance, how many do you have already under your belt? You’ve got too much?


A photo exhibit, the means for a purpose which can be a single purpose: to show your work; or more: sell, make people think, create controversy … The options are to the taste of the author.

But, who is interested in photographic exhibitions? In this unrestrained era, does anyone stopped for a while to quietly observe the work of another photographer? (buddies don’t count.)


If you’re new in this world and your name is only known at home, is going to be a little difficult for someone to go and see your work, no matter how great it is.

To mount an exhibition you must pay for the printing of the photographs, and depending on how or where you’ll expose, maybe even you’ll have to buy the brackets. Because you are not yet known so no one will subsidize you. Unless you have a lot of luck, anything can happen.


The brackets too?

The desired feeling of success lies in several factors.

  • Location of the room: it’s not the same a exhibit in a poorly communicated and poorly accessible place, than to do it in a known central location

Forever alone

  • Plenty of good advertising: posters and leaflets advertising the exhibition. As much as around the area of the place, as to infinity and beyond.


  • Mentioning in major media: newspapers, radio and local television. Call and Send them a dossier explaining your exposure so they send someone to do a review. You can also use cronyism to interviews and reports.

This is how they react if they don’t know you

Maybe your first exposition will not have much impact or visitors, or just the opposite and years later someone will say “Are you the one who exposed in that place? I loved your pictures.”

Perseverance, and accidentally you can leave your mark in people’s memory.


Well done!

Have you ever made an exposition? How was the experience? We would like to know!

Until next week, and BonapaShooting continues!


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