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I need it yesterday!

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Oh, come on!

Whether you are a photographer or not, and dedicate yourself to what you dedicate yourself, very sure that once you have said the famous phrase that the title of this article. Because you cagaprisas people who want everything for NOW are everywhere.

There are two types of “I want it yesterday.” Who really need it urgently, and who tells you what you need and it’s not true. But how to distinguish one from the other?

Let’s see.

(The following breakdown is made subjectively and humorous, that nobody will take the hint and is not offended.)


Each person is different, but if the weather is against you is almost inevitable that your blood pressure increases, even if you have to order things to others and you lose control of that part of your project for a while. Until then it is understandable that a client comes very nervous to make an urgent request. Then there are those that get you hurry without justification or excuse not entirely consistent.


Very nervous people doing inconsistent things


This is one of the two most relevant at the time to find out if it truly is urgent points. The customer puts everything in his power to advance the project as quickly as possible. Good customer in a hurry, in our case, limited our work to make photos and post production thereof. He, and other specialists will be responsible for the location, costumes, etc., because everything is urgent and we must work together. If not, begins to suspect.


Customer making “smoke bomb”


The great pillar of “I want it yesterday” and the point where you truly realize if the project counts or not. If you respond quickly to your emails and phone calls and excuses, all right, it’s super urgent. But if it takes several days to respond, (if not major cause) will not be that both urged him.


This could be a major cause


Because when someone takes you out of trouble, even if you’ve ordered something for work, you give thanks and pay as you send you the bill. No thanks and extending the time of payment … is just how urgent and important it was not.


Playing mislead

After learning to identify the true client “I want it yesterday”, try to understand this attitude that is increasingly common in all areas.

We want to go as fast as the machines around us, and that is humanly impossible. We want to be multitasking and above simultaneously, which is not impossible, ineffective worse. We want everything to be informed at the time in which it occurs. And we’re so hyper, that most do not separate your work life from personal. In this maelstrom of immediacy is when everything counts.


Consequences of being multitask

Where are the jobs done thoroughly, creating trust and rapport between the two parties? Give it all, give it now. Without stopping to meet people, or create links, and enjoy the journey while creating the project.

We are imperfect by nature and sometimes without realizing we will check over time, but thinking and planning some wonderful things can be born.


And you, do you enjoy or suffer the moment?


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