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Bokeh homemade kit [DIY]

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There are plenty of kits to buy and all come with a wide variety of patterns. But what if you do not have the ways we want? Well, do us a bokheme kit! (contraction of “bokeh” and “home” for the clueless).

Before proceeding to who at this point does not know what the term bokeh, quick screen capture for clarification.

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-10 a la(s) 15.45.20

That said, get to work!

The materials we used were these:

  • Objective (to measure the diameter)
  • Black Foam
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Compass
  • Rule

Keyboard and Trackpad not included

Having measured the diameter of the target rule you want to use for this purpose, we will make a circle with the compass in the black foam and draw the shape.


We made a human fingerprint as wink wink nudge as our logo (which you can see here

There we cut:


And we can also create other shapes, always within the lens size of our goal, which is not the same as the overall diameter. In the next picture, in the form of the smiley face, you can see the second smallest concentric circle.


Enlarge the image to see it better 😉

And finally, put the piece of foam on the UV filter to avoid staining the lens, and shoot!

Tip: As far sharper and are subject to blur lights, they will be better bokeh shapes.

Will come things like this:

IMG_7761 copia-lq

IMG_7762 copia-lq

IMG_7767 copia-lq

What forms will occur to your kits?We want to see them!

Until next week, and keep on BonapaShooting!


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