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AZ Challenge Winners

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Today is the day !! Want to know who are the winners of the first challenge Bonapashot?

As we announced in another post, thanks to the good reception given the challenge decided to give two awards.

The first prize for the finalist chosen by the jury Bonapashot formed by proponents within Bonapassa this challenge.
It was very difficult to choose just one for the high quality of the photographs presented, so even if there is only one first prize, also named to the 4 finalists vying for the post.

The second award is for the most voted picture on the Facebook page, where you have chosen your favorite photo.

Here comes the interesting part … (drum roll: trtrtrtrtrtrtr!!)

The finalists of the second prize as the voting closed on 11 August at 23:59:59 are:

– With 5 votes, we have a tie between several participants, it has been chosen by the jury with photo Joan Creus A.

– Gloria Castelló with 29 votes, fourth finalist with photo E.

– Lorena Blasco with 31 votes, third runner with photo J.

– Aina González with 90 votes, second runner up, with photo J.

– Finally, Adán Fernández with 113 votes, therefore the WINNER of the second prize with photo E.

Adán Fernández Martínez - E - Efímero

Adán Fernández Martínez – E – Efímero

And the most anticipated night of the first prize finalists are:

– Lorena Blasco, fifth finalist with photo R.

– Joan Creus fourth finalist with photo F.

– Aina González, third runner with photo F.

– Adán Fernández, runner photo with S.

– Gloria Castelló, therefore, the WINNER of the first prize with photo R.

Gloria Castello -  R

Gloria Castello – R – Reflex


Shortly we will contact you to make you delivery of your prizes. Thank you very much to everyone for participating in the first Bonapashot AZ Challenge, I hope the following !!

On the other hand, announce that the Summer Challenge, as it has been in vacation time, be modified for you can send your photos in September, stay tuned !!

And apart from most challenges, we will soon have news from the world Bonapashot, keep up the BonapaShooting!!

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