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Featured Photos A to N

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Traducción Temporal BP

Yes, we are in the final stretch, with less than two weeks to complete the challenge and today we are going to show a selection of the photos that we have drawn attention between A and N.

But before satiate your curiosity going to tell you some things.

The challenge ends on August 3rd (Saturday), but I will give up time on Monday 5 so that you can finish it. We know that the weekend is very hard and sometimes delayed increases in these holidays, heat and confusion.

Between 5 and August 7, choose the 50 finalists photos, the top 20 already showed the AN, over 30 new from AZ (Ñ and Ç inclusive). We will upload those photos to our Facebook page and from there you can vote until Sunday 11 that you like most. From there we will have five finalists and Friday 16 will announce winners of the first and second prize.

Another issue is that we have observed that some participants have begun to half of the alphabet, or have skipped letters. Remember that to qualify for the prize you must have the full alphabet. Look back what you have gone up, see if something is missing.

We will be announcing a surprise related to the challenge and you will like it a lot, stay tuned.

And finally, do not relajéis, although the AZ Challenge ends soon have more things we think and create yourselves camera in hand for the rest of summer.

Now, here About the photos, and keep up the Bonapashooting!!

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