Can the actual photographer live only with his job nowadays?

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Can the actual photographer live only with his job nowadays?

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Pay autonomous.
Pay social security.
Pay rent, electricity, water, gas.
Pay gasoline displacement.

Invest in a good team. *1
Invest in the maintenance of your equipment.
Back up.
Make copies of your backups.

Make your marketing work.
Make contacts. Keep your contacts.
Kick him to the intrusion.
Look for reputable clients.

This is the day to day professional photographer. That mythical figure with many dreaming whenever ojeaban the National Geographic or fashion magazines. No, being a professional photographer is not traveling first class to exotic locations in posh hotels and surround models. At one time it might be, and now perhaps, but is reserved for the few.


Mom, I want to be professional photographer.

Currently, in general, art is undervalued. The crisis is in the pockets, but has also infected the brain and heart sufferers.

Before the crisis, and it was fashionable to obtain “more for less”, when we lived in that distant monetary happy bubble. And now that liquidity is scarce, that premise is maximized exponent: I spend little, but I want the best result (and I want it yesterday).

The current is drowned by professional invoices and underpaid work. The personal circumstances of each can be varied, since you have to do other jobs not related to photography, to which he devotes all his time 24/7 to take the business forward. Why is that, a business. As can be a hotel, a bar or a fish. You enjoy what you do, but if you do have professional squaring accounts. Forget a fixed salary and stability, here we must fight every day. And being a Swiss Army knife.

Before he was a photographer who was just that, and others were not creative tasks for him. Not now, forget about it.

If you want the most for less, you’ll have to create your own corporate image. Of course, you have to have an online presence, so you have to make a web page and social networks. Oh, and update them regularly. Make accounting and pay all bills on time. Investing in a quality team, but a good price (Chinese products and stuff). If you’re starting out and want to show your work in some way have to do TFCD (free trade). Contacts, contacts and contacts. With other photographers, with makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, models. Innova and prove your worth to the intrusion ceases to be an obstacle. Oh, and do not forget to do paid work.



In short: how much damage has been done Lazarillo de Tormes to this country. Legal goes to the fucking neck and rogue (non-legal) gets rid of everything and laugh thanks.

*1Camera, 2nd camera, lenses, flashes, synchronizers flash, focus, focus feet, diffusers, reflectors, umbrellas, backgrounds, computer, monitor quality hard drives.




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