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The photographer value

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The information age.

Something happens and within minutes there are pictures on social networks about what happened. On one hand, it’s great to have the information in the palm of your hand or on your computer screen instantly and often without intermediaries. But the flood of images is so great that most are forgotten. Few remain in our memory, only the most impact us or bring us good memories.

The immediacy has led to mediocrity.


I want it all and I want it now!

With the digital age everyone has a camera in his hands. You click and you get your picture there, ready to spread.

We make it easy to have a photographic team to do something decent. It is a rare and very accessible hobby as a few years ago with analog photography, which was reserved for professionals or the wealthy.

Because of this, most photos that we “eat” are mediocre daily photographs taken by people who have not been trained to be photographers. Point and shoot.


Being a professional photographer is not give a button and you’re done, nor the clothes make the man. Your neighbor has a modern SLR camera does not mean you become a professional photographer. And a professional photographer to take pictures with a smartphone does not mean it is a “bad” picture.


Instagram’s photo by photographer Nick Laham, cover at New York Times on 31-3-2013

Molotov Cocktail.

And with this cocktail of immediacy and non-professional photographers is where it underestimates the professional photographer. Why do you want a professional newspaper or magazine illustrating their digital photographers news when a fan makes it free or for a nominal fee? They do not all, but many.

The same goes for large parties and events, what do you want like a nightclub or a professional with over 10 years experience, if you can make a paying amateur with glasses and making “favor” to get free?

If the mainstream media underestimate the professional, how will the user do not walk if that’s what you see every day?


Today not a profession that has become commoditized respected. If your passion becomes your job, you have no right to live it.

Is it wrong that coppers for something creative and you are passionate about?

Enough with much prejudice. The professionalism and creativity go hand in photography. And many thousands of euros invested not only in equipment but also in training, that also counts. Money and hours and hours and hours.

What we will remember in the future to our past? Good photographs will be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Big events and great memories deserve the best photographs.

The world is in crisis, but that is no excuse to detract from the good work, much less destroy it.

The importance of recognizing authorship.

It is the daily bread for the professional photographer who shares his work on social networks find their works cropped or retouched obliterating his signature and others are awarded authorship. Whether users walk or media.

All photographs are on the internet are not free and someone has made.

If you can not pay, at least, do not wreck the photo, name and link to the original author.

In a country where there tambourine rogue, the thief escapes and fucks honored, if not barking laugh in your face asshole.

Photographers, if you steal a photo: Growl and Growl, make a lot of noise until you hear, what bothers them most. You do not need a lawyer (at least first), complain to their social networks on Twitter nómbrales, let them comment on their Facebook pages, the comments of the article illustrated with a photograph, notify your friends to also complain, having a barrage of comments everywhere until they recant. It is the single most effective today. Ni emails asking for explanations, no burofax. We must attack its profile with the public because they do not want their readers to see the kind of stuff as they really are.

If you are not a professional (or any other creative industry) photographer and you have not understood anything of what is written in this article, I hope this video TigrilloVlogs captes the concept:




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