Where do you buy your photographic equipment?

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Where do you buy your photographic equipment?

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It’s almost undeniable that presently before making a major purchase our friend turn to the Internet to search, dig and investigate about the product you want to purchase. Compare prices, products, models, read reviews, opinions of buyers who already have videos which look even prove it.

And I’m sure that once you’ve done this search:

It seems that what is most wanted want to find the cheapest possible photographic material, wherever it comes from. Really worth buying certain things in stores that are the other side of the world?

Let’s review the options of where to buy.

Specialty stores (physical or online)

Whether brand specific stores or photo shops that work with various brands. Customer service is very meticulous in online stores so the buyer does not feel that no one can answer your questions. In both types of stores people who care for you know what you are selling, you can ask all you want.

Come on, drop it

Resellers (physical or online)

Fnac, Media Markt, Worten, El Corte Ingles, Amazon, Rakuten. These are just a few examples of resale shops, apart from photographic material, have a bit of everything. Amazon and Rakuten takes the cake in the online issue and not get hit if there is any problem with your order (within the rules). In physical stores will cater people who know their section, and if you do not find something kilometric travel corridors to reach the computer that knows everything.


Second hand (physical or online)

In the version of buying and selling in the life 1.0 there is the option to bargain the price in person (if strained, strain).
Digitally eBay is the best known example, but might have, there are many more. If the seller has no feedback from former or buyers are not too positive, better refrain from making that purchase.

No, do not

Foreign stores (online)

If you live in the Iberian Peninsula is best to buy in European stores, or are relatively close. Shop at China or Japan is playing Russian roulette: you never know if you will be arriving. Whether because it was a ghost store or because they have retained the goods at customs. Oh, and do not forget to pay the duty and VAT, bye cheap price!

Waiting for a package that never comes

What factors should you consider when buying one type or another store? Except the price, of course.


Both the specialist and the reseller store, the product will be the same.

In foreign theory also stores, but do not know what state you’ll get the package after the thousands of miles that has to go.

In second-hand all depends on how careful you have been the previous owner, and sometimes deceptive ad pics.


A subjective concept. You might like some more than others. It also depends on if previous experiences are positive or negative, or if your friends have bought there successfully. That there is a customer service quality raises many points of trust.


This is something that must be taken into account and which almost always forget. We look for the cheapest and not worry about the after. Always ensure that this service exists, you never know if you will come out the defective product at the time or throughout the following months.

Cuando descubres que no hay servicio posventa

When you discover that there is no costumer service

Let’s review this comparison chart. Green = Good. Orange = Regular. White = Nonexistent. When two colors together is that it is a compromise between good and fair. If it starts with green is that it is good that so, and if it begins with orange otherwise.



And you, what kind of store do you usually buy ?, experiences have been positive or negative?

Waiting for your answers, and keep on BonapaShooting!


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