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Foam diffuser for flash [DIY]

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Sometimes we have to photograph people in very small or where we have to continuously move places, we can not use large reflectors or no walls nearby to use bounce. Today we bring a DIY to fix this situation.

A portable foam diffuser for soft portraits.

These are the materials we use:

  • a sheet of white foam
  • black tape
  • rule
  • black marker or pen
  • scissors
  • our flash


The overall dimensions used are 200mm wide by 245mm high. What 20×24,5cm come to be for those who are bundled with millimeters.

Horizontal marks will 30mm on both sides.

Vertically brands do 15, 35 and 45mm. Only the top and both sides. The 35mm will mark a horizontal line of 20mm, which then join with the 45mm mark. And the bottom 45 will join with 30mm.

Pictured is better understood:


We will cutting and will be like this:



Detail of the top:


The whole piece already trimmed:


Glue the upper tabs as shown in the picture:


To join our flash diffuser we can use black tape, a rubber band with *velcro … Here we have done with black tape:


Results with direct flash on the subject:


Results with the diffuser on the flash (90 degrees to the subject, same intensity and parameters)


You can leave us your suggestions in the comments for future DIY.

Until next time, and keep on BonapaShooting!

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