How to survive the A-Z Challenge?

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How to survive the A-Z Challenge?

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If you are reading this is because you need some tips to make the Challenge A to Z of Bonapashot or not. There are very few days to start and you better be prepared.

Then a few small guidelines advise what to do.

Always carry a camera with you. Whether SLR, compact or mobile phone. The letters can appear anywhere (the have scheduled or not).

– This is the drawer, but if you’re very confused seeks a camera battery charged and empty memory card with enough space or memory. Which you are already accustomed to assiduously photos and you carry this series, but the new is something that is sometimes forgotten.

Have the calendar handy to avoid taking the wrong letter. See the example:


Ask those around you. Two heads are better than one and four eyes are better than two. You say the word does not take away value to photography you do, it is you who will make the composition and press the shutter.

– If you do not improvise, and make a list of possible words from things / people / places that you have around you or possibly do photos the day you get. It is a good trick to not get overwhelmed and think: ¿what do I do now ????

Looking for inspiration. Internet is very large networks like Flickr photographers can find many groups and galleries that can help you if you’ve blocked.

– And most importantly: ENJOY. It is a challenge, but after all is a game, no hassles. If you do not find the letter relax and look around you, you see something and sure you can think of an interesting way to photograph it.

Can you think of more tips to survive the challenge? Share them with us by leaving your comment.

On with the BonapaShooting !!

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