How to make a Beauty Dish for 3 € [DIY]

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How to make a Beauty Dish for 3 € [DIY]

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DIY, or what amounts to the same thing “Do It Yourself“.

These offices BonapaShot we have fun and broken head building our own Beauty Dish for about 3 € for 3 hours about very intensive.

A super pro Beauty Dish

These are the materials we have started working. Then the mini mold has not helped us at all and we had to add to the list zeal transparent black belt because the chinese one did not stick well and black cardboard:


To begin, we’ve made a hole in the center of one of the large molds to the shape of our flash (putting a carton of milk under vacuum to avoid scratching the table, then the lady of maintenance gets angry).


Here the way in more detail:


After we cut the base of another large pan and facing the outer edges we have joined with black tape and reinforced with transparent mierder zeal.


Again using the milk carton have made three holes to put the screws by a cross with the cutter and opening the hole.


Building on the basis of another mold, we cut a circle with the same width as the flash and the hole we had done, we have also made three holes. But here we have used a catalog of lidl to avoid damaging the table.


This is the distribution of the washers and nuts on each screw. Between the washers are the molds.


We put the screws behind the large mold and then joined the small circle.


We put black cardboard around the hole, surrounding the flash, to strengthen the Beauty Dish structure and that will not take us wind. What we cover with black tape and tape.


And here is our finished Beauty Dish, for less than 3 € and no cut fingers.

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