DRONES, a new age

DRONES, drones everywhere A drone it’s a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Barely a week ago, it was announced in a publication in the Official Gazette Royal Decree 552/2014, of  June 27, in which the Rules of the Air and common operational arrangements for services and air navigation procedures are developed, modifies


I’m working

-Can you step aside? -I can’t, I’m working here. -Oh!! so rude!! This is just one example of the many dialogues that can happen while you’re working in an event. When the site is not a conditioned area or a pit for photographers and videographers, there’s no other choice but to mingle among the attendees.


I need it yesterday!

Oh, come on! Whether you are a photographer or not, and dedicate yourself to what you dedicate yourself, very sure that once you have said the famous phrase that the title of this article. Because you cagaprisas people who want everything for NOW are everywhere. There are two types of “I


Where do you buy your photographic equipment?

It’s almost undeniable that presently before making a major purchase our friend turn to the Internet to search, dig and investigate about the product you want to purchase. Compare prices, products, models, read reviews, opinions of buyers who already have videos which look even prove it. And I’m sure that once you’ve done this search:


The photographer value

The information age. Something happens and within minutes there are pictures on social networks about what happened. On one hand, it’s great to have the information in the palm of your hand or on your computer screen instantly and often without intermediaries. But the flood of images is so great that most are forgotten. Few

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