2018-07-30T20:12:47+02:00May 30th, 2012|Short Films|

Is the first chapter of the Saga Oníricos, a Cud Productions and Bonapassa co-production, is narrating the conflict between two opposing forces, who have spent decades fighting each other, which in many cases physical confrontation is inevitable.

Playing with the basic human emotions of the characters, leading them to extremes where it will make them put in doubt their own values. There are action scenes, serving as an accompaniment to the story, but do not represent the leitmotiv ofthe story.

In this first episode: Vinculos, shows how the traumas suffered by Ciro and his friends overcome them. In a final attemptfor redemption, Ciro is desperately looking for revenge for the loss of his most beloved person. Will he achieve his goal?

Is very close to the release of this first short film, which is in the final stages of postproduction. For now you can enjoy the trailer.

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