New Olive-Rueda website on line

This week has been launched Olive Rueda's website, a company of marketing and packaging distribution , industrial cleaning and other supplies, all types of businesses, industries and services. We have done videos that represent each one of those sectors (food, shopping ...) as well as corporate and product pictures of this website.

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Video Experience

Video Experience is a video to make known a product or specific sector in a very original and interesting way, based on experience, approaching thus the customers in a more humane way because they feel comfortable, identifying themselves with them.

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Audiovisual collaboration with Carme Ruscalleda by Maset Winery

Nowdays in the Catalan private channel 8TV, around 22 pm, you can watch Infomercial programs of Maset del Lleó: From the Cellar at Your Table, with Carme Ruscalleda, where we collaborate with Aureacolor, audiovisual film company, and La Resistencia, advertising agency. You can see the result in the program's website:

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