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Barcelona has always been a city landmark in the world of design. 11 years ago, in 2003, Barcelona celebrated the Year of Design, created by Foment de les Arts Decoratives (Foment of Decorative Arts – FAD), which was celebrating its centenary this way, with over 250 different activities in fields such as graphic arts, fashion and architecture. But in Barcelona lacked a house of Design, and finally opened the Design Museum of Barcelona this weekend in the middle of the total renovation of the Les Glòries zone, the new Encants and the recent flattened square. The building, with its unique shape, has been called the stapler, object that can be found inside the museum and it’s the result of 20 years of gestation of this cultural facility. Taking advantage from Bonapassa is about to give birth to the new branch BonapaWeb basically dedicated to the Image and Design, we decided to make the first visit.


The building lives the design. Just you have to see the designed and distributed mechanical stairs to access all four floors and the building’s low, will impresses you. Then the curious distribution of the exhibits, creating four museums in one, combining objects with others in the most curious way, meaning that if you entertain too much going in the afternoon, you find yourself on the top floor someone asking you to leave because they want to close. To enjoy it, you have to visit, but the summary that we give you is what you will find yourself on each floor.

In the first floor, the exhibition is called From the World to the Museum, where we find all kind of objects of daily life in the last 50-60 years, with each generation recognizes some object as a telephone, the toilet seat or vehicle, and probably even use any of them. Or find others that have already made history as the bottle Rania and the motorcycle Impala.

On the second floor we find the exhibition Extraordinary, where we jumped time ago compared to the last exhibit, and find so spectacular things as a coach of the XVIII century, where visitors can see how it was “cushion” of the era, ceramics from here or Aragon dating from the XIV-XV centuries or from the same period a nice well parapet, in the middle of large well decorated chests. In the third floor, we return to the past 60 years, with the exhibition Dressing the body, silhouettes and fashion, along with historical costumes of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

The first thing you notice is the low light exposure that it’s assumed that it’s to protect delicate donations. You can see the whole evolution of clothing, especially women’s, with the surprising evolution from corsets to bras. Must be commented, from the bonapassero cinephile point of view, some videos where the costumes are applied to known filmography as the scene of Scarlett is tightening the corset in Gone with the Wind.

Finally we arrive to the fourth floor where we find most related with Bonapaweb in exhibit Graphic Design: from trade to profession (1940-1980) about design pioneers in Spain, finding from the covers of books, advertising and pharmaceutical, event cartels – many about Sonimag- and something as curious as a bill of one peseta of 1940.


We recommend that if you wish to enjoy these exhibitions, take advantage of the fact that the museum is free until January 31, and from February could be the case of possible new exhibitions hosted by the building that will be interesting for sure.

Web of the museum: http://www.museudeldisseny.cat/


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