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Since the beginning, our goal is to defend the culture of art in all of its forms.

Today, our culture is in danger, and Audiovisual helps keeping it alive. The broadcasting can’t be separated from technology. Its function is to communicate to educate, to entertain sending a message; to connect people with the same interests, etc … We can’t forget the power of social networks of this century, facing a major crisis in recent years, which is not only economic, but also a crisis of human values​​. Culture can lead us to new ways of life and a better world. This is the key.

Our principles as a company, we prioritize creativity and imagination before doing business; a commitment to quality and human values ​​with the team and the client.

Following this philosophy, we have this project called Bonapassa.

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Bonapassa is more than a company, is a worldwide network from Santo Domingo to Tianjin, from Milan to New York, from Bogota to Moscow. Our partners have all kinds of skills we need. We can achieve any goal. We can offer any type of project that the client request, tailored to your needs.

To have a clear classification of what we can offer, we have divided Bonapassa’s world into branches, in the following disciplines:

BonapaVideo – BonapaShot – BonapaPsico – BonapaRecords – BonapaTV – BonapaWeb – BonapaTech – BonapaFit – FrutiArt

We invite you to explore our website and discover them.

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